Akma plus magnets (12 pcs pack)

Akma plus magnets (12 pcs pack)

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Akma magnets are intended for permanent and painless stimulation of bioactive points of the skin.

12 pcs package: (3mm-4pcs, 6mm-6pcs, 12mm-2pcs) with use instructions

The product is clinically tested, certified under the number 1600_2/83 by the Military Medicine Academy
Product of the Mihajlo Pupin institute – Piezotechnology

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It has been found that:
1. The application of magnetic induction of 60mT has no harmful and side effects on the human and animal brain,
2. It leads to the improvement of the psychophysical condition,
3. Magnetotherapy is a useful method for treating cerebrovascular disorders because it improves circulation at the elderly persons,
4. It is advised to apply the 60mT magnetic induction in the growth phase, after bone fractures and other diseases where better tissue oxygenation leads to faster healing.

The advantages of magnetic stimulation are reflected in the following:
-the procedure is non-invasive,
– it can be applied in hospital, outpatient and field conditions,
– during the influence of this field, the patient’s living and working ability is not reduced, i.e. the person is capable of normal activities,
– no need for special energy sources (no charging or power supply required),
– does not disturb the health or endanger the life of the patient,
– under the influence of magnetic stimulation, the healing time is shortened.

How does it work

THE EFFECT OF THE MAGNETIC FIELD IS MULTIPLE: – it improves the supply of body cells with nutrients and other substances necessary for life, – it supports uninterrupted cell regeneration, – it maintains the electromagnetic balance of cells and the nervous system, – it has a favorable effect on improving circulation and vascular system. THE MAGNETIC FIELD DROP CAUSES POOR CIRCULATION AND THEREFORE WEAKER SUPPLY OF OXYGEN AND FOOD IN THE CELLS. THIS BASICALLY LEADS TO VIOLATION OF THE IMMUNOLOGICAL STATUS OF THE ORGANISM. EFFECT ON THE HUMAN ORGANISM: – the influence of magnets on the human body improves circulation, – improves metabolism, – stabilizes blood pressure, – strengthens the immune system, – acts on the endocrine and nervous system, stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, – relieves stress and depression. INDICATIONS ARE: all types of pain, high blood pressure, obesity, stretch marks, cellulite, veins and capillaries, hemorrhoids, myalgias, osteoarthritis, contractures, sports injuries, arthritis, spondylosis, sinusitis, allergies, anemia, arteriosclerosis, asthma and bronchitis, burns diabetes, epilepsy, fever, dermatitis, headaches, kidney stones, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, cold feet …

Do not use

Contraindications are: malignant conditions, tuberculosis, acute febrile conditions, pregnancy, small children under one year of age …

Can it be harmful?

The application of magnetic induction is not harmful to health and it does not endanger the life of the patient.


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