Bracelet with medical magnets (chrome)

Bracelet with medical magnets (chrome)

5,500 din.

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It is used against pain in: Joints -Stress – Nervousness – Depression – High blood pressure – Poor circulation – Fatigue and Insomnia.

The “AKMA” micromagnet bracelet is a therapeutic tool for permanent and prolonged stimulation of acupuncture points in the area around the wrist.

The micromagnets dimensions are: Diameter 5.4 mm, Height 2.7 mm. Radius of action (calculating the magnetic flux density of 1mT as the minimum for efficient operation), at a depth of 10 mm, at a diameter of 17 mm.

Produced by the Institute Mihajlo Pupin – Piezotechnology

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The shape of the magnet is a planconvex disk, with one flat and one convex circular surface. The north magnetic pole is located on the convex surface. Micromagnets have a magnetic flux density of 60 to 80 mt (600 to 800 gauss) on the surface. The bracelet with micromagnets is made of copper on which a layer of gold or chrome is galvanically applied. The bracelet has five “AKMA” type micromagnets, size 5.4 mm * 2.7 mm, which have a magnetic field strength of 60 mT (600 Gauss) on their surface. The orientation of the magnetic field is such that there is always a north magnetic pole towards the skin. The radius of action (calculating the magnetic flux density of 1mT as the minimum for efficient operation) is 10 mm in depth and 17 mm in diameter. Magnets surfaces are rounded, smooth, and without sharp edges. The magnets are ceramic and are completely non-reactive in contact with skin, mucous membranes or any other material or chemical. The magnets are fully tested and absolutely meet all medical norms and standards for stimulating human material without harmful consequences.

How long does it take for magnetic therapy to work? Many people feel the first positive effects within a few days. Others, however, begin to notice changes only after 2 to 3 weeks. It is individual and different. It also depends on various factors, such as. the type of discomfort and how long the person has suffered from the same as well as from the general condition of the organism. It is normal for the first sign of exposure to therapy to be an increase in energy levels and a better general condition.

Are there any side effects to magnetic therapy? In very rare cases, some people have a slight feeling of nausea, which stopped immediately if the bracelet was worn only during the day. Despite that, the primary problems have been improved. After a while, the bracelet could be worn both day and night.

Can I wear a bracelet while showering or bathing? Yes.

How long does an AKMA magnet last? Our ceramic magnets have an unlimited warranty considering their magnetic action.

Should the bracelet touch my pulse? No, it is not necessary. The magnet affects the circulation at the cell level. The more blood flows through the magnetic field, the greater is the effect of the magnet. For this reason, we recommend the bracelet as your primary source of magnetic energy.

Can I wear the bracelet on the same hand as the watch? No.

On which hand should I wear a magnetic bracelet? Since the blood flow is the same on both hands, there is no difference in that sense.

How does it work

It stimulates acupuncture points in the area of the wrist and raises the local metabolism at the level of the cell in the area of action.


What is the easiest way to put on my bracelet? To put on your bracelet, first, open it slightly (open by pulling it evenly along both ends). Then pull it over the narrowest part of your wrist and rotate it 90 degrees so that the opening is down on the wrist. Now pull both ends together so that the bracelet lies comfortably – much like a wristwatch.


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