MAGCELFIT – anti-cellulite tracksuit


MAGCELFIT – anti-cellulite tracksuit

15,000 рсд

It is used to eliminate cellulite, and has a beneficial effect on reducing wrinkles, stretch marks and capillaries. . Cellulite is more than an aesthetic problem, it is a chronic degenerative disease, with metabolic disorders, circulation, lymphatic drainage and connective tissue damage.

The material has been dermatologically tested to suit more sensitive skin.

Magcelfit (anti-cellulite tracksuit) has the following effects on tissue:

  • accelerates blood circulation
  • establishes lymphatic drainage
  • increases the local temperature
  • allows better penetration of oxygen and nutrients into adipose tissue and accelerates decomposition
  • hematoma resorption
  • endemic disappearance
  • relaxation of muscle tension
  • pain reduction
  • increasing the elasticity of the skin and its tightening
  • reduction of stretch marks and wrinkles
  • positively affects the withdrawal of veins and capillaries

Product of the Mihajlo Pupin institute – Piezotechnology

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